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If you want great coffee you need to clean your machine. (Especially if you have a Keurig)

Your coffee maker could be killing you. Well it is if your morning cup of coffee is a matter of life and death and you have a filthy coffee maker. When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your coffee maker? Washing the pot is important but getting the internal components of a coffee maker clean is a task that shouldn’t be skipped. Did you even know that you were supposed to clean it? A clean coffee maker can be the difference between a good cup of coffee and a nasty cup of sludge.

National Peanut Butter Lover's Day

I was at work today when someone told me it was National Peanut Butter Lover's Day. WHAT?! I never knew there was such a thing! Immediately, I determined that I would need to include some of the creamy deliciousness into my day. Lunch was already at work with me, so I started brainstorming dinner ideas that I could make with peanut butter. I was thinking something along the lines of a chicken dish using chunky peanut butter and liquid aminos to make a sauce or a salad with a Thai peanut dressing, but I ended up going a totally different route....

Happy National French Toast Day!!!

That's right, folks, today was National French Toast Day! I don't know about you, but I really enjoy French toast.

First, a little history lesson: While the actual origin of French Toast (a.k.a. eggy bread, moelet bread, or gypsy toast) is unknown, there are recipes that date back to the sixteenth century in Europe. In England, French toast was known as "poor knight's pudding" because it was a simple, inexpensive dish that even a knight with no money could afford. In France, it was called "pan perdu" or lost bread, because it was a way of using lost or stale bread. 

Food for Fuel

One of the things that being a Weight Loss Coach teaches you is to really pay attention to the foods you are putting into your body for fuel. It has been a very interesting experience for me to go through personally, as well as being a coach to others. 

A New Favorite...Chai Spiced Apples!

I was at The Nittany Lion Inn for a baby shower today and they always have a huge basket of complementary apples in the lobby, so I grabbed one on my way out the door. I love baked apples, but I was getting a little bored with the normal cinnamon or apple pie type of flavoring I usually go with. So, tonight I decided to get a little spicy and OH MY GOODNESS, I think I've created a slice of Chai spiced heaven!!! 

Dessert Made with Tea

Tonight's dessert was another experiemental kitchen concoction....and it turned out delicious! I had decided earlier in the day that I needed to get rid of some of the pears that had been in our fruit bin for far too long so they were gonna be on the menu. I didn't know what I was going to do with them. Baked pears or pear crisp were the most obvious option, but I wanted something a little more exciting. I call this one Vanilla Mint Pears.